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Ava designs products that are modern, luxurious in aesthetic and functional. Our products help people enhance their homes with elegant style.



Our products are engineered from the finest quality materials. When selecting fabrics, we look for elite quality to bring the style and trends to our collection that our customers’ demand. We test everything in our Quality Control laboratories and in the field to ensure that each product performs to our rigorous testing standards.


We see ourselves as a global, off-price, value manufacturer and our mission is to deliver great value to our customers through the combination of brand, fashion, price, and quality. We offer a rapidly changing assortment of high- quality merchandise at prices generally 20%-50% below department and specialty store regular prices on comparable merchandise.


We create a collaborative production process in which designers receive real-time feedback from manufacturing operations, which will allow them to improve designs immediately. By creating an open environment that makes all customer demand data visible to manufacturing, procurement and design staff, we can be ahead of the trend curve.

We source merchandise globally. We see ourselves as leaders in innovation, constantly testing new ideas, seeking the right categories, current fashions and top brands, and leveraging diverse information from our worldwide buying presence. With our in-house compliance expertise and rigorous selection criteria, we have established strategic partnerships with only the most reputable factories in Asia.


Caring for others is an important part of the culture at ava. Throughout our history, we have worked hard to be good corporate citizens and bring value to people’s lives – not just in our organizations, but in our communities where we work to enrich the lives of others. Our corporate giving follows our global philanthropic platform and is focused around four key themes. Empowerment for women, Education, help to those who are physically challenged, and assistance to seniors and the elderly. We encourage others to join us in supporting these causes

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